Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas Control Room Management, Video Wall, and Real Time Remote Monitoring

RGB Spectrum offers a range of solutions for exploration and production asset optimization, which include oil and gas control room management for collaborative work environments, and real-time remote monitoring. Our video wall processors, multiviewers and codecs support high-resolution oil and gas visualization of seismic data, reservoir modeling, and distribution of visual data. These integrated systems process and display diverse visual resources from on-rig CCTV, subsea and explosion proof cameras, as well as video feeds from telecommunications, electrical and well instrumentation modules.

We provide a range of control room management solutions geared towards the oil and gas market that streamline exploration and production asset optimization, process control and integrated operations, with multiviewer and video wall display systems that support real-time remote monitoring of oil rig sites, SCADA systems, and other oil and gas infrastructure.

In addition, our control room management system's powerful KVM over IP capabilities support multi-site collaborative work environments (CWE) and improve HS&E metrics. This low latency IP KVM control allows operators/supervisors to share system access and remotely control off-shore equipment from consolidated Real Time Operations Centers (RTOCs).

Enterprise MCMS, RGB Spectrum's non-intrusive control management platform, can plug into and integrate legacy resources in an oil and gas control room, as well as local and remote sources and existing system infrastructure without requiring software modification or customization. Our comprehensive solutions for real-time remote monitoring/control, video wall display, and oil and gas control room management applications are ideal for all areas of exploration and production asset optimization.