Video Wall Display Solutions for Security Control Rooms and Operations Centers (SOC/EOC)

RGB Spectrum’s innovative security control room solutions with IP capabilities integrate multiple disparate systems under the control of a unified interface without requiring costly and time-intensive custom software.

Our IP enabled multiviewers and video wall display processors feature integrated SinglePoint® KVM technology, which enables security operators to use a single keyboard and mouse to control source devices and display video and graphics from all connected systems.

For small-scale installations where only one security operator is required, SinglePoint KVM provides an effective way to integrate systems using only video, keyboard and mouse signaling. No software needs to be installed on source systems, and no API is required for seamless integration.

For larger systems with two or more security operators, RGB Spectrum's Enterprise MCMSTM builds on the capabilities of its MultiPoint® Control Room Management System (MCMS) to offer a comprehensive multi user KVM system with integrated IP capabilities. Our new Video Desktop Adapters (VDA) provide remote monitoring and IP KVM control capabilities, enabling the Enterprise MCMS system to support local and remote control stations, and consolidate multiple control rooms.

Enterprise MCMS allows the unified display and control of systems that were previously impossible to integrate. This innovative security system integration platform enables you to consolidate control of your video management systems (VMS), legacy DVRs, access control, life safety, building automation, GIS, call box, and/or any other subsystem in hours rather than weeks or months.

The sophisticated control arbitration features of Enterprise MCMS allow multiple users at various sites to share control of all system resources. An intuitive GUI allows operators to control all aspects of the control room system with “drag and drop” simplicity.

Our video wall display and system integration solutions for the security market are highly secure, cost effective, and easy to implement. Our hardware-based control room management systems complement custom PSIMs, provide air-gapped security against malware and viruses, leverage existing infrastructure, and are capable of integrating even standalone systems with no network capability.

Scalable and versatile, our video display systems support control rooms and command centers of all sizes, from small-scale operations that utilize a single multiviewer, to the largest video walls (100+ monitors) in enterprise level projects. Fully customizable for security applications, RGB Spectrum’s IP enabled video wall display solutions and control room management systems enhance collaboration, operator awareness, and response times to improve health, safety and environment (HS&E) metrics.

Designed to operate with 24/7 reliability and the highest level of security, our integrated systems are ideal for use in a range of mission-critical applications such as command centers, control rooms, police/public safety emergency operations centers (EOCs), fusion centers, as well as in enterprise and campus security operations centers (SOCs).