Advanced Consumer Research at Time Warner Medialab

In today's highly competitive consumer marketing environment, the key to a successful campaign is a clear understanding of the target demographic and consumer behavior, coupled with an innovative approach to researching and gathering data. At the Time Warner Medialab, located across from Central Park in the heart of New York City, consumer research has reached its pinnacle in a remarkable, cutting-edge facility. Within the new 9600 square foot Medialab, RGB Spectrum SuperView® 5000 and QuadView® HDx multiviewers play a significant role.

For Time Warner and their partners, the Medialab's mission is to provide "an unmatched ability to test consumer engagement throughout the entire 360 degree media-to-retail experience." To this end, the facility includes eight testing labs and two observation rooms, which are designed to reveal how individual subjects view and interact with various forms of media such as websites, television commercials, applications and the mobile devices that carry them.

The RGB Spectrum SuperView and QuadView display processors are installed in both observations rooms. Each multiviewer is connected to a Samsung LCD 1080p monitor and controlled by a Crestron controller. In this manner, staff can view computer screens, video sources, participant images and audience reactions simultaneously on one display - for highly effective research and analysis. The lab's video sources run the gamut from smart phones to tablets to Blu-ray players and computers, and these sources can change on a test-by-test basis. Using the SuperView processor's input format flexibility, any device can be interfaced and displayed with ease.

Tom Yerkes is General Manager for CompView, the Medialab's system integrator. He noted that the RGB Spectrum products were selected for their ease of installation, ease of use, reliability, and their ability to instantly select different video sources and different multiviewer image layouts. "The customer is very pleased," noted Yerkes. "The room is booked solid and the reaction has exceeded their expectations."

"The selection of RGB Spectrum as the supplier for image manipulation was the obvious choice for both the windowing and streaming requirements, for several reasons," said Jeff Kaylor, CompView's Design Engineer on the Medialab project. "The image quality of the RGB Spectrum devices has always been the number one determining factor in using their equipment. Along with a full complement of supported resolutions, HDCP compliance and the ease of programming, these combine to make their equipment a desired item for any project, but one that was highly valued for the Time Warner experience."

For an advanced research facility, the Time Warner Medialab enables advertising agencies, app developers and web developers to view, capture, analyze and improve the consumer's experience - and RGB Spectrum is proud to play a part in the digital workflow.

For further information about the SuperView and QuadView processors, or to submit inquiries for multiviewer applications, please email sales@rgb.com.

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