New Adapter Enables Dual-link Inputs on MediaWall and SuperView

Dual-link signals are being used in more and more installations thanks to the format's ability to carry higher resolutions, faster refresh rates and pixel depths greater than 24 bits. Unlike alternatives which downsample dual-link signals to single-link, thus impacting the quality of the image, this device offers the advantage of full resolution dual-link signals throughout the entire video chain.

The new adapter splits the high resolution DVI signal into two single-link DVI signals for recombining in the videowall or multiviewer processor. This allows the display of the original signal in its native resolution. If required, the dual-link source can be scaled to fit a larger video wall.

The DLA-100 dual-link adapter accommodates standard dual-link resolutions such as 2560x1600, 2560x1440, and 2048x1536 and is now available for $1695 list.

For further information about RGB Spectrum's MediaWall® and SuperView™ products, plus the new dual-link adapter, please email sales@rgb.com.

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