New OmniWall Display Processor from RGB Spectrum

RGB Spectrum announces the new OmniWall™ display processor. designed to meet the need for flexible wall sized displays in applications ranging from digital signage to command centers, control rooms, and other mission critical venues.

It's a new kind of video wall processor, which accommodates wall arrays of virtually any configuration. High-resolution graphics and video sources up to 4K (UltraHD) resolution are displayed at full resolution. Multiple walls can be managed from the same processor. An image can be scaled across any number of displays.

A user simply defines the wall configuration, window layouts, and source routing. The OmniWall processor automatically sends the proper scaling information to each output - including bezel compensation. Multiple layouts and routings can be saved and recalled using presets.

The processor is available in two chassis sizes. OmniWall 16 has up to 16 inputs and 16 outputs - ideal for 2x2, 3x3, or 3x4 screen arrays, or linear configurations from 1x16 to 16x1. For larger video walls, the OmniWall 32 offers up to 32 inputs and 32 outputs. For even larger walls, multiple chassis can be connected in parallel. A wide selection of modular fiber and copper inputs include digital and analog sources - DVI, HDMI, 3G/HD-SDI, RGB and component signals. The system supports DVI resolutions up to 1920x1200, and 4K (UltraHD) up to 4096x2160. HDCP compliance allows the processor to accommodate content-protected HDMI signals and provide embedded audio passthrough. An HDCP encoded signal can be routed to all outputs.

System integration is simplified by design. Built-in cable equalization extends input cable lengths without the need for external signal extenders. In addition, each output connector can supply pin power, eliminating the need for external power supplies for extenders. Unused outputs can be used for switching signals for other uses.

Multiple control options are available allowing a wide range of functionality. Remote control (RS-232, TCP/IP), allows quick and easy setup, configuration, and preset recall. An embedded Web Control Panel can be accessed by virtually any computer with a web browser. Setup and configuration is a snap. Presets can be saved and recalled with the click of a button. RGB Spectrum's BP-16 button panel or a phone/tablet device can also be used to recall presets.

An optional OmniWall Control Station provides a rich Graphical User Interface (GUI) to provide the user an easy way to interact with the wall with drag and drop capability for source selection. The Control Station option also offers video capture, providing thumbnails of each source connected to the processor.

And of course the OmniWall processor provides RGB Spectrum's industry renowned reliability based on an embedded system architecture, without PC vulnerabilities, offering 24/7 operation and real time video processing with no dropped frames.

For further information about the OmniWall processor please email sales@rgb.com.

RGB Spectrum® is a leader in videographic and decision support system technologies. Products include the View™ family of video windowing systems, MediaWall® multi-screen display controllers, Linx™ matrix switchers, Opto™ fiber optic products, DGy™ digital recording system, DSx™ H.264 streaming and recording codecs, MultiPoint MCMS™ control room management systems, and SynchroMaster® keyers and overlayers. RGB Spectrum is based in Alameda, California, and can be reached at 510-814-7000 and on the internet at http://www.rgb.com.