Supporting International Studies at Saint Louis University

Saint Louis University (SLU), located in St. Louis, Missouri, recently opened a new Center for Global Citizenship, a 70,000 square foot facility that consolidates the university’s Office of International Services, the International Studies Program, the English as a Second Language Program, as well as a number of smaller departments dedicated to cultural and community studies. The highlight of the center is a 1000-seat auditorium that features a 5x5 video wall controlled by RGB Spectrum’s MediaWall 1900 Display Processor.

The auditorium provides a space for large-scale presentations, meetings, speeches, training and university events. Saint Louis University approached TSI Global to design a cost-effective audiovisual system that would enable the display of multiple high-resolution windows over a large video wall. TSI Global and SLU chose a MediaWall processor to enable this multi-window display.

Input sources to the video wall processor include PCs, laptops (analog or digital), Blu-ray players, satellite broadcasts, media players, digital signage, videoconferencing codecs, and HD cameras. These signals feed into a matrix switcher, which sends the selected signals to the MediaWall processor.

The MediaWall processor configures these inputs according to customer preset window layouts and feeds the signals back to the switcher. The switcher, in turn, routes them to the wall where LCD monitors scale the multi-windowed image over a selected array of monitors.

A single output from the processor can be scaled over the entire wall. Alternatively, the wall can be sub-divided into smaller sections, with outputs from the processor scaled over each section. Additional signals can also be routed by the switcher to any individual monitor. In operation, signals from the processor are sent via distribution amplifier to the LCD panels, and supplementary scaling takes place in the monitors themselves, for a very cost effective video wall implementation.

According to the integrator, the key benefits of the MediaWall processor include ease of use, system flexibility, 24/7 operational reliability and minimal maintenance. In addition, TSI Global appreciated the processor’s ability to ensure continuous signals during switching and preset recall. The MediaWall processor also got high marks for its versatility, enabling highly-flexible video wall layouts that can be easily modified to suit the requirements of the space.

“The auditorium is the highlight of the Center for Global Citizenship” said Paul Murdick, president of TSI Global. “RGB Spectrum has provided the University with cutting-edge technology, and the video wall is an example of a highly-visible project that showcases such innovative display technologies.”

About TSI Global

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About RGB Spectrum

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