RGB Spectrum's Design Guide: A New Resource for System Designers

RGB Spectrum is pleased to announce the availability of our new Design Guide, a valuable reference handbook created to meet the system design needs of consultants, designers, integrators and end customers.

Our primary goal in publishing this guide was to help streamline the process of choosing the right product for each system. We've analyzed current trends in system design and integration to provide you with a wealth of pertinent information intended to simplify the design and implementation of complex systems.

The guide consists of an introductory section, which presents an overview of current and emerging audio-visual technologies, followed by a directory of RGB Spectrum products and a detailed summary of case studies and system diagrams representing a range of major market segments.

The case studies and system illustrations are intended to be used as resources to help system designers configure both simple and advanced systems with greater confidence and a higher degree of flexibility.

We are happy to be able to educate our readers with new information, ideas and solutions - all directed towards helping our customers develop better, more effective, and more profitable ways to build AV solutions.

To view or download a copy click here.

To request a print copy of the Design Guide, please contact your regional sales manager or email sales@rgb.com.

About RGB Spectrum

RGB Spectrum provides innovative solutions for the display, recording, and transmission of computer and video signals. Since its founding in 1987, RGB Spectrum has established itself as a leading designer and manufacturer of cutting-edge graphics and video processors, and decision support systems. With advanced capabilities, proven reliability, and flexible user interfaces, RGB Spectrum's products are preferred by a "Who's Who" list of major global organizations in commercial, industrial, medical, educational, and military markets. Company offerings include multiviewers, video wall display processors, matrix switchers, streaming codecs and recorders, as well as integrated solutions for multi-user KVM and control room management.

RGB Spectrum is a privately held company based in Alameda, California. For more information about our products, please call 510-814-7000 or visit us online at http://www.rgb.com